Why Add My Programs?

I have empty program spots.
Champify.com can help fill them!

1. Opportunity to fill specific empty program spots.

2. No upfront cost.

3. Cancel anytime.

4. Offer discounts (optional).

5. Immediate booking notification via email.

6. Just 21% commission of your program price listing if we fill it (New and Returning Children alike). There are no hidden fees, it’s just 21% of your program price. Here is more information about When and How Partners are Paid

7. We give 1% of EVERY booking (from our commission) to the Summer Champs scholarship fund.

8. We want to get 1 Million kids on quality programs like yours by 2020. Join the movement.

9. It’s FAST. It takes about 60 seconds to tell us which programs you want listed. We’ll do the rest!

10. It’s EASY.

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