Our Story

We want to Create 1 Million Champions by getting 1 Million kids on quality programs by 2020.

Hi! My name’s Oliver Williams and in 2005 I spent the best summer of my life as a Camp Counselor in Kansas at Camp Wood YMCA. Here’s a rather ancient photo of me with my first cabin.

Champify - Camp Wood 2005As a counselor I saw first-hand the transformative impact programs can have on SO many people’s lives. These programs really do Create Champions.

In 2011, I went back to see friends at Camp. I had thought that their quality programs were always full.

I soon realized that like so many quality kids’ programs, they were not full, simply because people didn’t know about them.

Champify was founded to help find the perfect programs so that kids can realize their full potential so that together we can Create Champions.

In addition to helping you find the perfect kids programs we give 1% of EVERY booking to the Summer Champs scholarship fund. The fund helps give even more kids the opportunity to experience Summer Camp, so that they too can realize their full potential and Create Champions.