Why Use Champify?

Is Champify just an Ads Directory?
No! We only list LIVE Programs you can book instantly!

Who are Champions?

How can I trust that the Programs are safe?

What Payment Methods do you accept?

What is the Cancellation & Refund Policy

How can I find my past bookings?

Can I give Gift Cards to use on Champify?

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How can I Contact Champify?

How can I give Feedback?

Program Partners

What are Program Partners?
Organizations that have American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited Kids Programs who would like to appear on

How can I become a Program Partner?

Why would I list my Programs on Champify?

How can my organization Add Programs?

When and How do I get Paid?

When do we get notified about a booking?

Can I remove my program?
Yes! Cancel anytime.


What are Affiliates?
If you don’t have programs, but you want to tell people about programs on and be rewarded if they book, the Affiliate Program is for you!

Does Champify have an Affiliate Program?